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Citrus Sale

Citrus sales, first undertaken by the club in 1973, have been well received and the project has been a reliable fund raiser. Orders are taken in advance by Rotarians and from responders to local advertising. Proceeds from the sale directly impact the club's community outreach and international projects.  

Sales were given a special boost with a door-to-door "sellathon" in 1976. That year, 1,040 cases were sold and many new customers continued to buy in subsequent years. In recent years, citrus has yielded a profit in the neighborhood from $3,000 to $4,000 a year.

Timed for approach of the holiday season

2019 prices*  (prices subject to change)
Full Case$42* (88 count)$38* (48 count)$46* (68 count)
3/4 Case$34* (66 count)$30* (36 count)$37* (51 count)
1/2 Case$26* (44 count)$21* (24 count)$27* (34 count)
1/4 Case$16* (22 count)$11* (12 count)$15* (17 count)

Did you know . . . . . Rotary supports the fight to eliminate POLIO.  Help us make a positive impact on our community and our world.
Support our citrus sale.