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Rose Sale

Rose Sales
Thank you for purchasing your Rotary Roses & Tulips ahead of time. 
April 2, 2020

Your purchase through the years have helped support your community and the world.  Some of the projects include:  STRIVE, World Eradication of Polio, Social Development in Panama with Father Wally Kasuboski, Rotary Youth Exchange Program,  Annual Rotary Scholarships, Annual Rotary Foreign Student Dinner for college & high school foreign students, Leadership Seminars, Rotary Court & Downtown Green Space improvements,  Badger Boys & Girls, Leadership Ripon, World Affairs Seminar, Murray Park Lighting Project, Ingalls Field Gates, Troop 735 Boy Scouts, BRAVE, Welcome to Ripon Sign Beautification, Advocap Head Start Program.  Thanks for your support. 

The rose sale was first conducted in 1986 with Carl Stubenvoll serving as chairman. 475 dozen roses were sold that year. Today the rose sale is a major fundraiser for Ripon Rotary.

 Rose Care Tips

  1. Unpack roses immediately.
  2. Cut 1/2" off stems with knife or scissors, preferably under water.
  3. Remove lower foliage that will be under water in vase.
  4. Mix contents of preservative packet with warm water in a nonmetallic vase. Place roses in solution.
  5. Place in cool location out of direct sunlight.
  6. If a rose's neck should start to bend, re cut its stem under warm water and return to vase.
  7. Roses are heavy drinkers. Maintain water level and change water when cloudy.